Tuesday, 29 November 2011

At a glance it is difficult to difference and choose a dress shirt that has a good quality.Below are some tips how you can do it well.

David Beckham in dress shirt

How to Recognize a Quality Dress Shirt?
High-quality dress shirts are the workhorses of any business wardrobe. Because it's meant for wear with tailored clothing, a crisp dress shirt should fit precisely and enhance the polished look of a suit. Follow these tips to learn how to spot a high-quality dress shirt.

Yarn-Dyed Cotton
Because you’ll wear and launder them more often than suits, dress shirts need to hold up well despite frequent exposure to water, heat, and detergents. That’s why high-quality dress shirts are almost always constructed from high-quality cotton, which is durable, breathable, and easy to maintain. Also keep an eye out for cotton fabrics that are yarn-dyed, not piece-dyed. This means that the yarn is first dyed and then woven into fabric form, keeping colors and patterns vibrant.

Look for wrinkle-free dress shirts for easy care and maintenance. At the end of the day, your shirt will look almost as crisp as when you put it on that morning. You’ll also save a bundle on professional laundering services. Simply machine wash in warm water, dry on low heat, and remove promptly from the dryer. For an extra clean and crisp look, touch up with an iron or a blast of steam.

An extra-handy feature in case of coffee-break dribbles or spaghetti-lunch mishaps, stain-resistant dress shirts are specially treated to repel stains and spills. Liquids simply bead up and roll off. Wipe up with a paper towel, and you’ll look as good as new.

Unbreakable Buttons
Repeat cycles of washing, drying, and ironing take an inevitable toll on flimsy buttons, which are likely to shatter. High-quality dress shirts feature sturdy, unbreakable buttons, as well as extra buttons sewn into the bottom of the placket. (Even though chances are you’ll never need them.)
Reinforced Seams
Examine all plackets, pockets, sleeves, and buttonholes for wrinkling, puckering, or loose threads. A sharp, flat, smooth finish is a good indicator of a dress shirt that features reinforced seams, which enhances durability as well as appearance.